Vote Nobody

by Cosmo

I was born in the east end of London A seamstress's daughter am I My father he was a drunkard Left home when I was but knee high My mother stayed strong and she raised me And this is what she used to say I am no man's possession No man will 'ere give me away Now some of you may all it schooling But that's not the word that I'd use For low-born women it only Serves to defile and confuse The factory floor it was calling The boss and those games that he'd play But I am no man's possession No man shall 'ere give me away The squalor, disease and the matches Toiling at Bryant and May A workforce of women in anger Way back in 1888 Then Annie Besant said: "To victory!" The strike did indeed go our way For we are no man's possessions No man shall 'ere give us away My Chalky, he was a right one Lit me up like a gay Christmas tree One day he asked me to wed him Right down on his bended knee But no god, no not state no nor minister Sanctioned what we have today For I am no man's possession No man shall 'ere give me away I heard tell of this "Votes for Women" I laughed till my hair all shook loose Will you vote for which robber should rob you? Which hangman, which gibbet, which noose? Then Sylvia Pankhurst came round here And to us east enders she'd say You are no man's possessions No man shall 'ere give you away A suffragette's duty it called me I remember the old "Cat and Mouse"* We were nabbed after doing the windows Of some grand lordship's big old house Those degradations we went through Bring shame to them all to this day! But I am no man's possession No man shall 'ere give me away Now listen to me all you women You menfolk, you rich and you poor You with your learning and letters You masses on far-distant shores It's not all votes, wages, conditions But freedom for all - let me say! For we are no-one's possessions No-one shall 'ere give us away! *


released May 23, 2014

Produced by King Glover. Artwork by Lembo.




Cosmo Cardiff, UK

".. a folksinger for our times with a veritable hive of bees in his bonnet..." Rob Adams, Edinburgh Fringe Review.

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