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Picket Line Party

by Cosmo

No Gods, No Masters (On Violence At Demos) I used to squat in Walthamstow of all the bloody places But when I close my eyes I smile and think of the old faces I didn’t have much money but I was up for a right old crack My girl and I both left home and we never once went back Our mates Shez and Sue said “Here you two, this CJB’s severe There’s a demo uptown, come with us now you’ve moved in here.” We set off on the tube, in those days peace and love our diet But after some adventures we found ourselves a riot Trafalgar Square was sunlit, a sound system out to play Music loud and people dancing, aggro on the way Old Bill forced their way in by the side road where we were One whacked me around the head and things became a blur Sue got stuck in there and then, no-one was gonna stop her She grabbed a pole and swung it hard and then she hit a copper My girl screamed and held me as the blows came thick and fastWe got shoved round in the crowd, oh, how long would this last? Down the street some windows went in just as we ran past them Beers turned into missiles, cops ran now that we’d outclassed them I felt like I was in a cartoon, watching on the telly I turned round to see Shez and my girl give it some welly Then we knew we had to leg it as the horse charge started I luzzed some bottles their way just as we departed We headed to the jail where those arrested were all taken Some were playing drums and chanting, some were badly shaken Back at home our mission was the talk of all the whole street In the pub there was a crowd who’d heard about our feat Some said, “Good on ya, how else can we change the system?” Others said “You crazy dickheads, what good did that do, then?” Shez was in the corner, trembling in silence He said he always gets this way whenever he’s round violence On TV publicity while MPs scream disaster It’s just the way that things will go till there’s no gods, no masters
Deep Cover 04:10


released March 28, 2012




Cosmo Cardiff, UK

".. a folksinger for our times with a veritable hive of bees in his bonnet..." Rob Adams, Edinburgh Fringe Review.

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